Smiti Nathan

I'm an interdisciplinary educator, researcher, designer, and writer. The thread in all my work is understanding people - in the past, present, and future - and communicating those findings to make an impact. I am the Founder & CEO of Anthico LLC. In the past, I've worked in UX research, higher education, archaeology, information management, and the geospatial sciences.

What I Do


I work in various parts of the design world from UX research to life design. My goal is to bring a justice and inclusive lens to all my work.


I am the founder and editor of two websites - Habits of a Travelling Archaeologist & Life Design Log. I micro-blog on multiple platforms, as well as contribute pieces to other websites.


I conduct archaeological research on ancient human decision-making in Oman and Ethiopia, specifically regarding community building for agricultural and food production purposes.


I disseminate knowledge in a variety of ways, which include teaching college-level courses, conducting short-form workshops, and detailing lessons online for other educators.